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Mlekarna Celeia d.o.o.

We, at SID Bank, as part of the development and incentive program for financing the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, have provided a loan in the amount of 1,000,000 EUR for working capital to the company Mlekarna Celeia.

Mlekarna Celeia is proud of its rich history, dating back to the pre-World War II era when they started bottling milk in small production facilities in the city center of Celje. From 1962 to 1986, the company expanded and developed, and in 1995 it was renamed Mlekarna Celeia, d.o.o., which is still the company's name today. The company's main activities include the purchase, collection, and processing of consumable milk. Today, the company is the largest cooperative dairy in Slovenia. They respect the tradition of the Slovenian countryside and create a connection based on collaboration and a sustainable relationship with nature.

In 2014, SID Bank provided a 3-year loan of 900,000 EUR to the company for financing working capital, primarily to cover the costs of materials for the successful further development of the company and its operations.

In 2022, under special financing conditions for companies of all sizes, we provided a loan of 1,000,000 EUR to the company for working capital. The loan funds are intended for financing the costs of working capital, including the purchase of materials, services, small inventory, and merchandise, as well as covering labor costs.

By financing such projects, SID Bank strengthens its mission of promoting green and circular economy for the sustainable development of Slovenia. Direct financing is available to all small, medium, and large enterprises that can allocate funds for financing the purchase value of tangible assets, intangible assets, materials, services, small inventory, merchandise, and labor costs.

Toni Cvetkovski, the financial director of the company, said, 'Mlekarna Celeia has previously collaborated with SID Bank, and just like before, in this working capital financing project, SID Bank has shown a great deal of kindness, flexibility, and a professional and fair approach to the client. We wholeheartedly recommend SID Bank as the optimal choice for financing various projects to future loan applicants.'

SID Bank has shown a great deal of kindness, flexibility, and a professional and fair approach.

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