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Standard & Poor`s: AA-/A-1+

Following the confirmed rating of the Republic of Slovenia on 12 June 2020 the rating agency Standard & Poor's on 26 June 2020 confirmed the rating of SID banka, d.d., Ljubljana at AA-/A-1+. The outlook remains stable. 


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New jobs in 2017
mio €
Additional sales in 2017
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Additional exports in 2017
02. October 2019

SID Bank signed the agreement to finance set up and implementation of investment advisory services for various types of investments, so as to provide additional technical assistance to...

27. June 2019

Following the upgrade of the Republic of Slovenia rating on 14 June 2019 the rating agency Standard & Poor`s has on 21 June 2019 raised the rating of SID banka, d.d., Ljubljana to...

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