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Siliko d.o.o.

Janko Koprivec, Direktor: "Since we received a loan from SID Bank, we could carry out all planned investments and thus increase our business."

"Our business has been shifted with new technological equipment to a higher level. Thus, in the eyes of our customers, we have become an important strategic partner and have gained many new customers."

The Siliko company is a development supplier and manufacturer of technical products from elastomers and thermoplastics. They provide their customers with a comprehensive service from conceptual design, construction and tool making to large-scale production.

The Silico got in touch with SID Bank because they were looking for a favorable long-term financing source for the purchase of technological equipment for a new development center.


Since we received a loan from SID Bank, we could carry out all planned investments and thus increase our business.

Call us at +386 1 200 75 00 or e-mail us at

New jobs in 2020
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Additional sales in 2020
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Additional exports in 2020
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