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10. 05. 2022 Okrogla miza - Projekt SUPER-i Ljubljana More about the event
24. 05. 2022 Forum za investicije v trajnostno energijo - Prva nacionalna okrogla miza o financiranju energetske učinkovitosti Ljubljana, Center inovativnega podjetništva More about the event
31. 05. 2022 Poslovna konferenca Kapitalski trgi 2022 Ljubljana - Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije More about the event

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04. April 2022

SID Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF) presented the Extended Slovenian Capital Growth Investment Program SEGIP Top-up...

24. March 2022

The EIF and SID Banka will top up the Slovene Equity Growth Investment Programme (SEGIP) with an additional €100 million.

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