About SID Bank

As the national promotional development and export bank, we complement commercial banks with long-term funds and other financial instruments in the area of market gaps. Financing is available to small and medium sized enterprises, for the internationalization of operations of Slovene companies, as well as for developmental, environmental, regional, infrastructural and other projects, which strengthen the Slovene economy.

We acquire most funds through borrowing on the international financial markets on our own behalf and for our own account, as well as with the guarantee of the Republic of Slovenia. Possibility of this type of borrowing provides Slovene economy an opportunity to acquire competitive financial resources, which ensures directly or indirectly support of development and penetration onto foreign markets.

As the national export credit agency, on behalf and for the account of the Republic of Slovenia, we provide export credit and investment insurance, thus reducing risks of Slovene companies when operating on foreign markets.


Call us at 01 200 75 00 or e-mail us at info@sid.si

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15. July 2024

SID Bank, the European Investment Fund, and the Croatian Development Bank HBOR have become cornerstone investors in the first technology innovation fund in Slovenia and Croatia.

24. April 2024

Publication of SID Bank's annual report for...

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