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SID - Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka, d.d., Ljubljana

Ulica Josipine Turnograjske 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana

How can you get to us:

Transportation from the Ljubljana Airport

  • Taxi

Taxi services are available to passengers directly in front of the airport building. The taxi trip to the city center normally takes 25-30 min., price is normally ranged between EUR 30,00 and 35,00. The majority of taxi providers accept credit cards.

  • Shuttle transfers

There are some private shuttle transfers from the Ljubljana airport to the city of Ljubljana, such as GoOpti, Nomago, Markun Shuttle and Na Letališče. Transfers can be booked online.

  • Public transport

Bus Airport - Ljubljana operates direct services between the Airport and Ljubljana city center. It is located on the bus stop no. 28.

The bus trip takes approximately 30 to 47 min. and cost EUR 4,10. They start every hour between 7am and 8pm.

Bus tickets can be purchased online from the Ljubljana Bus Station website.

  • Rent-a-car

At Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport you can rent a car from one of the Rent-a-Car providers who will provide you with any additional information regarding their offer. You can choose among service providers on this site https://www.lju-airport.si/en/transport/rent-a-car/.

The easiest access from the airport to Ljubljana center is the E61 motorway, where directions are marked accordingly.

The center of Ljubljana is located 26 km from the airport.


Transportation from the Ljubljana Train Station

  • Taxi

Taxi services are available to passengers directly in front of the Train Station building. The taxi trip to our Headquarters normally takes 5-10 min., price is normally ranged between EUR 3,00 and 5,00. The majority of taxi providers accept credit cards.

  • Public transport (city bus)

When you exit the Train Station, the nearest bust stop (bus stop Kolodvor) is on the right side. Go to the bus numbers 2, 9 or 27 and exit on the bus stop Drama

  • On foot


Call us at 01 200 75 00 or e-mail us at info@sid.si

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23. September 2022

Representatives of 18 European development banks and incentive financial institutions, the European Investment Fund and the European Commission attended a high-level meeting in Ljubljana...

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